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Nearshore Call Centers

Nearshore Outsourcing

Using nearshore outsourcing companies in Latin American countries (Caribbean, Mexico, and South America) has been growing rapidly over the last several years. This growth has been driven largely by demand for bilingual call center services (Spanish and English), reduction in telecom rates, the emergence of the Internet, proximity to the US, and the highly educated labor force.

Nearshore call centers are close geographically to the US and are generally 40% - 50% less expensive than US based call centers

everything you need to know about remote call center agentsDriving down costs has become more and more important to corporate executives and business owners due to the competitive global landscape.  Executives are realizing the significant cost savings benefits of nearshore outsourcing while also enhancing their customer experience and strengthening their ROI.

In addition to cost savings, some key benefits of nearshore outsourcing are its close geographic proximity to the US that translates to reduced travel time, easier communication, and a greater cultural influence.  The close proximity allows companies to optimally monitor and enhance the performance of their outsourced operations which aids in closing the cultural gap, reduces training time, and provides a greater understanding of customer expectations which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Most Latin American countries have an excellent telecommunications infrastructure and an education system that has infused English into its curriculum. You will find a highly motivated, talented, and accent neutral workforce with an inherent insight into American culture giving them the edge over other offshore outsourcing markets.

We have Spanish and English speaking nearshore call center outsourcing partners in the following countries:

Our services reduce your risk of nearshore call center outsourcing and cost you nothing. They include:

  • Providing referrals to nearshore outsourcing companies that are the best fit and cost effective based on your requirements
  • Providing industry insight into the best bilingual, Spanish, or English-speaking centers
  • Profiling and carefully screening potential nearshore call centers for compliance and stability
  • Presenting recommended nearshore call centers by category based on capabilities, skill sets, call type expertise, languages, and vertical market experience
  • Providing you with a cost-benefit analysis and pricing for the USA, nearshore, or offshore call centers
  • Ensuring that the centers we find for you are high quality, will start on time, deliver immediate ROI, performance, and sales results

Trust Outsource Consultants to identify the best nearshore outsourcing call centers for you - at no charge.

Outsource Consultants has 20 years of outsourcing industry experience and thousands of hours of vetting and learning the strengths and specializations of the industry leading nearshore outsourcing call centers. Let us help you find the center that best fits your needs.

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