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Referral Partner Program

Could you use an extra paycheck every month?

If you know of an organization that needs an outsource call center, contact center technology, or general outsourcing strategy consulting, you can monetize that relationship through our Referral Partner Program. We’ll find your lead a contact center vendor partner that’s a perfect fit, and send you a check every month!

Why Should You Send Your Leads to Us?
Referral Partner Program
Referral Partner Program - We'll Match Your Lead with the Perfect Fit
We’ll match your lead with the provider that’s a perfect fit.
We have over 500 outsource BPO partners and over 100 cloud technology partners, so we’ll find a partner that meets every key requirement. This comprehensive network greatly increases the likelihood of the deal closing, and of creating a long-term partnership.
Referral Partner Program - We're Completely Unbiased
We’re completely unbiased.
Our only goal is to match your lead with the right partner - our recommendations are based on requirements and experience, not personal preference.
Referral Partner Program - We'll Handle Everything
We’ll handle everything.
Once you’ve registered your lead, your work is done. We will manage the entire selection process - you only need to be involved if you want to.
Referral Partner Program - Receive Monthly Payments
You receive monthly payments for the duration of the partnership.
When your lead chooses to work with one of our partners, you’ll continue to receive commission checks for the life of the agreement.
Referral Partner Program - Our Referral Partner Portal
Our Referral Partner Portal.
You can register leads, monitor their status, and access training materials and other resources in one place through our custom Referral Partner Portal.

How it Works

  1. Register your lead through the Referral Partner Portal.
  2. We match them with a BPO or technology contact center provider that is a perfect fit.
  3. You receive monthly commission checks!

Who Makes a Good Referral Partner?

BPO Sales Professionals

Not every lead ends up being right for your organization. They may not be a fit when it comes to size, service, language, location, or price. They may also have contact center technology needs. As a Referral Partner, you can still monetize those leads by registering them with us!

Contact Center Technology Sales Professionals

Many of the people interested in contact center technology also have a need for an outsource call center to put that technology to use. And in some cases, your technology may not meet their requirements or budget. We can help them find the BPO or technology partner that’s a perfect fit, and you’ll receive ongoing compensation!

Outsourcing/CX Industry Professionals

You’re undoubtedly communicating with fellow professionals every day, and those discussions often involve the need for better performance, lower costs, or both. We can strengthen those relationships by providing solutions, and you’ll receive monthly commission checks!

Referral Partner Program
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