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Call Center Services

Reservations & Booking Call Centers

Your customers have plenty of options as they plan their travel. Your competitors are often located at the next window over or just across the street, with pricing, amenities, and general services that are on par with the ones you offer. Providing an exceptional customer experience during the reservations and booking process sets the stage for their relationship with your organization and can create customer loyalty.

Your front desk staff is busy enough handling guest satisfaction and general customer service. Partnering with an experienced outsource call center can take the burden of reservation services off of your internal staff and put it in the hands of agents who are skilled at customer care and cross-selling in a multi-channel environment.

Reservations Call Centers

Common Services Provided by Reservations & Booking Contact Centers

  • Assist customers and guests with securing new reservations.
  • Change, upgrade or cancel existing reservations.
  • Manage reservations booked through phone calls, your website, or a third-party service
  • Provide general information about your company and your service offerings.
  • Answer questions about your amenities and the surrounding area.
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Our Outsource Reservations & Booking Call Center Partners

Our inbound call center partners will provide professional, customized services for your customers based on their unique needs. The skilled agents in our reservations & booking BPOs provide a myriad of call center services, including customer support, upsells, and customer retention. We have partners located all over the world, and can support your customers in any language, typically at a cost savings of up to 50% – 70% with a nearshore or offshore BPO provider!

Our partners can support your customers across every channel, including voice, email, live chat, social media and SMS, and have direct experience in the following industries:

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Find out how a major retailer exceeded KPI goals during the busiest months of the year by working with one of our call center partners.

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