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Call Center Languages

Multilingual Call Centers

If you want to be a competitive global business, offering truly amazing customer support services means communicating with your customers in their native language. Your customers don’t just prefer it, they expect it.

It can be difficult – even impossible – to provide broad language support to customers internally, thus third-party outsource call center providers are typically the best option for ensuring all of your customers can communicate with your company effectively.

Multilingual Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing multilingual support is a cost-effective way to ensure your customer base is supported no matter which language they prefer for communication. By working with a BPO, you don’t need to find call center agents that fluently speak languages that are less common.

Multilingual Call Center Services

With a network of over 500 outsource partners located all over the world, we can help you find a BPO that employs native speakers who can provide the exact contact center services you need. Whether you need multilingual customer support, customer service, technical support, call answering services, or something else, we’ve got you covered.

Here are just some of the languages our BPOs support

Language Speakers Wordwide Native Speakers
English Speakers Worldwide: 1.5 billion Native Speakers: 360 million
Spanish Speakers Worldwide: 420 million Native Speakers: 350 million
French Speakers Worldwide: 130 million Native Speakers: 67 million
Portuguese Speakers Worldwide: 213 million Native Speakers: 203 million
Chinese Speakers Worldwide: 1.051 billion Native Speakers: 873 million
German Speakers Worldwide: 229 million Native Speakers: 101 million
Japanese Speakers Worldwide: 127 million Native Speakers: 126 million
Korean Speakers Worldwide: 78.9 million Native Speakers: 77.2 million
Polish Speakers Worldwide: 50 million Native Speakers: 45 million
Dutch Speakers Worldwide: 23 million Native Speakers: 22,788,000