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Outsource Collections

Debt collectors have a difficult task. Debtors who have defaulted on payments are almost certainly experiencing cash flow struggles beyond the payments owed, but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t entitled to payment for the products or services provided. Still, people go to great lengths to avoid your phone calls and avoid the debt collection process altogether. As debt from credit cards, medical expenses, or other expenditures builds up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure payment. Successful debt recovery requires walking a fine line between empathy and persistence.

Running an internal collections team can be a challenge, as the stressful nature of the work often leads to employee burnout and retention issues. Outsourcing accounts receivable collections to an experienced debt collection call center takes the pressure off of your internal team and puts the collections process in the hands of highly skilled agents who are working for you. Whether you need early or late-stage debt collection services, an outsource call center can be a huge asset to your company.

Collections Call Centers

Commonly Outsourced Collections Tasks

  • Connect with customers who have defaulted and attempt to collect payment
  • Use predictive dialer technology to reach customers efficiently
  • Provide dispute management services with extreme professionalism
  • Field inbound calls and handle credit reporting
  • Use data validation and customer tracking tools to ensure contact information is up to date
  • Adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
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We’ve partnered with some of the most successful outsource debt collection agencies from around the world with experience in both consumer and commercial collections. They use the latest cloud-based outbound calling technology to increase the likelihood that agents will be connected to your customers, and once they are they know how to provide customer service with the sensitivity required in these situations.

Our collections agencies have direct experience in the following industries:

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