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Buying a Call Center

Buying a Call Center

Buying a Call Center

Are you interested in buying a call center business?

If you are interested in purchasing an outsource call center, we can help! The call center experts at Outsource Consultants have over 25 years of experience in the call center industry and have a large global network of contacts who are looking to sell their call centers and BPOs.

Call Centers for Sale

We have a comprehensive database of BPO call centers for sale and can save you time and effort by finding the ones that meet your exact requirements for purchase.

Because we work closely with hundreds of outsource call and contact centers throughout the world, we frequently come across owners looking to sell their BPO business. These inbound and outbound call centers have experience across a variety of industries and employ agents skilled in customer service, technical support, social media and more.

Whether you are looking to add a call center to increase your ability to meet growing call volumes or are interested in entering the BPO business for the first time, we’ll help you find the call center for sale that’s right for you.

Let's Talk About Buying a Call Center