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Outsourced Customer Retention

It’s no secret that holding on to existing customers costs far less than acquiring new customers. Retaining customers is one of the most important things your customer service team can do to improve your bottom line. The top performing call centers can not only avoid customer churn, it can ultimately improve customer loyalty.

Call center agents who know how to empathize with customers who are unhappy with your product or service can often convince the customer to stick around by tactfully explaining what the customer will be losing or by offering incentives to give your company another chance.

If you need to improve customer retention, partnering with a skilled outsource call center partner can be a smart, cost-effective solution.

Outsourced Customer Retention

Common Tasks Performed by Customer Retention Contact Centers

  • Work with dissatisfied users to resolve issues and maintain the customer base
  • Improve customer satisfaction through the swift resolution of problems
  • Reduce customer effort through easy, efficient interactions
  • Manage loyalty programs and incentives for your customers
  • Provide general client retention and customer support services
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Our Outsource Customer Retention Call Center Partners

We have dozens of pre-screened, heavily monitored BPO partners that specialize in providing exceptional customer retention services. They have proven experience in managing customer retention strategies and can turn an unhappy caller into a loyal customer. Our partners are located throughout the world, so we can find you an experienced partner no matter your requirements in terms of cost, language, and location.

Our partners can support your customers across every channel, including voice, email, live chat, social media and SMS, and have direct experience in the following industries:

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Find out how a major retailer exceeded KPI goals during the busiest months of the year by working with one of our call center partners.

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