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Call Centers in Chile

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Benefits of Chilean Call Centers

  • Highly-skilled workforce
  • Business-friendly
  • Steady economic growth
Save Up To 50%!

Outsource Call Centers

Chilean Call Centers

Chile is emerging as a true call center destination, as the national GDP steadily grows and frees up increased investment to directly support business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

For those paying attention, this is no surprise, as Chile ranks highly for ease of business, including ranking second in overall economic freedom between Canada and the US.

With a well-developed infrastructure, stable healthcare and economy, and a talent pool of skilled and bilingual call center agents, Chilean workers can provide a high level of service and efficiency as a nearshore partner.

Outsource Call Center Industry

The Call Center Industry in Chile

Chile is among the top economies in Latin America, particularly strong at supporting outside business investment in the region.

With multiple financial incentives created for international companies, Chile is one of the best locations in the region to invest and grow call center operations. From tax credits to dozens of active free-trade agreements, the Chilean government aims at providing seamless access to business opportunities.

Chilean infrastructure, with transportation and telecommunication networks connecting the entire world economy, is one of the country’s fastest-growing and innovative priorities.

And unlike many parts of Latin America, Chile rates as one of the safest countries in the region, with low political risk and stable national security. Call center leaders can be assured that Chile boasts the financial and political foundation for long-term nearshore success.

Chile Call Center Agent

The Call Center Workforce in Chile

Chile provides a stable, economically growing destination for nearshore outsourcing, as the country rates very high on numerous business indices that determine long-term business outlooks. But the Chilean workforce is also what helps set this Latin American community apart.

Chile offers a growing stable of PCI certified call center partners, offering omnichannel services through a talent-rich pool of agents. To support live chat, email, SMS, and social media channels, Chilean agents are often bilingual, accent-neutral speakers.

As the demand for talented call center workers increases, call center leaders choosing to relocate BPO services to Latin America will benefit from greater worker competition for coveted call center roles.

Chilean agents offer affable, high-quality customer service, with time zone alignment with the US and Canada for a fraction of the cost of domestic call center operations.

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Quick Facts: Chilean Outsourcing

Average Cost Savings 50%
Market Maturity Established
Regions South America, Nearshore
Population 19,116,201
Area 291,392 sq. miles

Major Outsourcing Cities in Chile

City Current Local Time Flight Times
San Francisco Chicago New York
Antofagasta11h 19m9h 47m9h 22m
Puente Alto12h 22m11h 7m10h 44m
Santiago12h 21m11h 5m10h 43m

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