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Lead Qualification Outsourcing

Lead Qualification Services That Create Better Conversations

Get more from your lead list — and stop wasting time pitching your business to prospects that won’t close or are outside of your ideal customer persona.

Outsourcing your lead qualification services is a great way to leverage an external team to reduce your front end costs. Often times an effective approach is to have an agent generate a qualified lead then warm transfer the caller to your internal sales reps to speak exclusively with the leads that are most excited about your brand and are ready to hear your message.

Instead of sales reps picking up the phone to call leads and hearing “Not interested,” our lead qualification partners set your sales team up for great sales conversations by assessing lead health, including which leads are the best fit for your services and which are most likely to become “closed won.”

Best yet, when a lead is qualified, a call center agent will notify your team in real-time, detailing the most important information your rep needs to close the deal.  Give your reps warm leads with actionable insights to create better sales conversations.

Lead qualification services drive leads and build your brand awareness by prospecting lead lists and assigning team members to do the initial qualifying of leads before sending them to your sales teams. A professional lead qualifying service understands how to grade leads and develop the criteria to assess a lead. Many lead qualification services test their process. If the conversion rates are not hitting the goals that have been set, they will refine their questions, cleanse their lists, and better classify the leads.

By outsourcing lead qualification services to a call center partner, never again will your sales reps waste their valuable time and energy on conversations that go nowhere. Instead, lead qualification services free up your reps to create better customer experiences for the leads that are most likely to become your customers.

Lead qualification call centers ensure your organization is getting the most ROI out of every sales conversation, only handing off the most motivated and qualified leads to your sales reps.

Lead Qualification Services

Outsourced Lead Qualification Tasks

  • Lead scoring
  • B2B Lead optimization
  • Lead nurturing
  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Sales pipeline ROI
  • CRM updates
  • Warm lead transfer
  • Appointment setting
  • Rapid inbound lead response
  • Mass lead qualifications
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