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Call Center Services

Appointment Scheduling Services

If someone is interested in booking an appointment with you, they shouldn’t be constrained by your business hours. Using an experienced outsource call center will allow your customers to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without putting a strain on your internal staff.

Outsourcing appointment scheduling creates a dedicated external team that never closes regardless of time zone, so customers can book appointments whenever it’s most convenient for them. Even if you have a robust online scheduling system available, many customers prefer to make appointments through a phone call so they can get real-time answers to their questions.

Appointment Scheduling Services

Commonly Outsourced Appointment Scheduling Services

  • Assist patients and customers with scheduling new appointments
  • Provide support to customers who need to change or cancel existing appointments
  • Work with your online scheduling software systems and ensure calendar syncing
  • Direct patients to intake forms and provide general information about their upcoming appointment
  • Provide general customer service related to online bookings
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Our Outsource Appointment Scheduling Providers

Our call center partners have extensive experience scheduling appointments for clients in various industries. Whether you need a call center to provide HIPAA compliant services for your medical practice, in-home service appointments for your energy or utility company, or any other kind of appointment, we can help you find a BPO partner that meets your exact requirements – and we’ll do it at no cost to you!

Our partners can support your customers across every channel, including voice, email, live chat, social media and SMS, and have direct experience in the following industries:

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