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Languages available in Mexican call centers: EnglishSpanish • And more!

Call Centers in Mexico

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Benefits of Mexican Call Centers

  • Strong bilingual skills
  • Close proximity to the U.S.
  • Huge economic incentives
Save Up To 50%!

Outsource Call Centers

Mexican Call Centers

With a growing market of skilled workers and one of the largest economies in the world, Mexico is emerging as a business process outsourcing (BPO) destination for U.S. and Canadian call center operations.

Many leaders target Mexico nearshoring for its unparalleled accessibility from domestic offices, allowing managers quick and timely access to on-site visits in just a few hours. Others rely on the seamless cultural affinity that Mexico’s highly-fluent, English-speaking agents can offer. With many agents being previous residents or frequent visitors to the United States, affable customer service is a huge strength of Mexico’s nearshore offerings.

Outsource call centers in cities like Tijuana offer many of the benefits of domestic ones, but being located just across the border allows them to offer considerably lower prices.

And all these benefits can be leveraged at a price point similar to that of more remote, offshore destinations that organizations may have previously relied on.

Outsource Call Center Industry

The Call Center Industry in Mexico

While Mexico has always focused on offering competitive wages for international businesses, with cost rates competitive with APAC markets, Mexico also leads the call center industry in incentive programs that fuel international investment and create stronger job markets to attract skilled workers.

With a stable economy and market conditions continuing to rise, Mexico’s infrastructure is familiar to U.S. businesses, with few obstacles between the two neighboring economies.

By securing the competitive advantages of business outsourcing with the nearshore benefits of Mexico’s proximity, businesses are not forced to sacrifice much to start earning back productivity and cost-reduction results.

Mexico Call Center Agent

The Call Center Workforce in Mexico

Strong cultural ties bind U.S. and Mexico — as bordering nations often have no choice but to ease the working relationships between countries.

With so many workers having lived in or visited the United States, the Mexican talent pool is highly-suited to serve domestic customers and deliver multilingual service in both Spanish and English.

Mexico has nearly 60 million active workers, with an average median age of 26. Mexico’s workforce is consistently younger and more affordable than call center agents in the United States, but there is little difference in their cultural affinity or understanding of local norms and traditions.

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Quick Facts: Mexican Outsourcing

Average Cost Savings 50%
Market Maturity Established
Regions Nearshore
Population 128,649,565
Area 758,449 sq. miles

Major Outsourcing Cities in Mexico

City Current Local Time Flight Times
San Francisco Chicago New York
Mexico City04h 16m03h 53m04h 40m
Guadalajara03h 47m03h 57m04h 55m
Tijuana01h 27m03h 58m05h 22m

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