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Class Action Call Centers

Class Action Call Centers

Class action call centers are a growing resource for law firms looking to quickly and seamlessly connect to the groups and individuals that can benefit from their class action litigation.

The capacity for law firms and claims administrators is limited, especially when the activity is outside of the legal arena. Discover how a call center partner, specializing in class action notifications and administration, can reach millions of potential clients and assist in the ongoing relationship as your firm focuses their attention on building the best case for your clients.

With a cost-optimized approach that delivers results, class action call centers oversee email blasts, direct mailings, and incoming call volumes at scale. Highly-trained call center agents will serve your class action parties, providing them with the necessary information and coordination so your team can focus on the legal elements of the case.

Selecting a BPO partner that is capable of managing these unique relationships for your class action law firm requires a specific expertise that goes well beyond traditional outbound and inbound operations. Class action law firms need tailored expertise in litigation and class action activities from their call center agents.

With decades of call center experience, helping to serve class action law firms just like yours, consider Outsource Consultants before choosing your law firm call center partner.

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Class Action Call Center Services

Commonly Outsourced Tasks in the Class Action Industry

Our call centers routinely provide the following services:

  • Outbound and inbound call center services
  • Cost-optimized call initiatives
  • On-demand class action campaigns
  • 24/7 availability
  • Scalable customer service
  • Real-time caller data collection

Outsource Call Center Services

Our BPOs have Class Action industry experience in inbound and outbound services like:

Call Center Compliance

We understand that you often require agents with certain certifications. We have call center partners who hold certifications and licenses in the following areas:

  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)