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Languages available in Puerto Rican call centers: EnglishSpanish • And more!

Call Centers in Puerto Rico

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Benefits of Puerto Rican Call Centers

  • Cost savings vs. US BPOs
  • Close proximity and cultural ties to the United States
  • Huge local investment in training, facilities, and infrastructure
Save Up To 30%!

Outsource Call Centers

Puerto Rican Call Centers

With a deep and rich history, pristine beaches, and picturesque mountaintops, Puerto Rico has long been a beloved destination for tourists visiting the Caribbean. Paired with a warm and welcoming cultural reputation, it’s clear why the U.S. territory is a highly-coveted nearshore BPO destination.

Puerto Rican contact centers offer a vibrant backdrop for your outsourced services, and with tremendous ongoing government investment in infrastructure and technology, the Puerto Rican contact center industry is poised to grow even larger.

The northeastern Caribbean island boasts a healthy pool of highly skilled, bilingual BPO agents, with exceptional language skills in Spanish and English. The island’s residents share a strong cultural affinity to U.S. customs and norms. Similar time zones provide more seamless customer experiences and convenient travel and remote management.

Outsource Call Center Industry

The Call Center Industry in Puerto Rico

For the average visitor, Puerto Rico represents a relaxing, island getaway. But for a growing and successful segment of business leaders, Puerto Rican outsource call centers serve as an ideal location to scale revenue and grow business success.

As an unincorporated U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is deeply connected to U.S. customs, sharing the same currency and regulatory guidelines that help domestic businesses connect with the world through advantageous trade agreements. These benefits alone set Puerto Rico apart from other outsource providers in the region.

As a growing economic driver in the territory, Puerto Rico has invested heavily in supporting the call center industry, bolstering its modernized transportation system, high-speed internet, and advanced telecommunication infrastructure. U.S.-based companies have been quick to capitalize on these BPO outsourcing benefits, including particularly in banking, IT, software, medical/pharma, and much more.

Call Centers in Puerto Rico

The Call Center Workforce in Puerto Rico

Like many of the island territories in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico’s prospering hospitality industry has created a strong foundation for call center success. BPOs in Puerto Rico are known for their warm, friendly, and affable agents, serving customers with highly skilled, multilingual agents.

The average call center agent in Puerto Rico has a high school degree or higher, mimicking many of the high education standards of the U.S. Puerto Rico is home to numerous world-class universities on the Island, as well as close proximity and access to leading American colleges.

Puerto Rican contact center agents of every skill level are readily available, bolstered by a strong cultural affinity to the United States and exceptional political stability for the region.

Puerto Rico offers a diverse and talented workforce, with skills that translate to many highly-coveted BPO services including customer service, technical support, outbound telesales, and more.

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Quick Facts: Puerto Rican Outsourcing

Average Cost Savings 30%
Market Maturity Established
Regions Nearshore, Caribbean
Population 2,806,352
Area 3,515 sq mi

Major Outsourcing Cities in Puerto Rico

City Current Local Time Flight Times
San Francisco Chicago New York
San Juan7h 45m4h 36m3h 42m
Bayamon7h 45m4h 37m3h 43m
Carolina7h 46m4h 37m3h 43m

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