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Call Center Services - Content Moderation

Content Moderation Services

You’ve worked hard to create and enforce your brand’s standards across all your digital channels, with clear rules and guidelines for content creation, images, and communications. But your brand doesn’t exist in a bubble, it lives across various online platforms that must be monitored to maintain high brand integrity.

Moderating content is essential for brand protection, but it can be a tedious and time-consuming undertaking for your in-house staff. Outsourced content moderation services allow organizations to efficiently safeguard their brand and build a solid defense against inappropriate user-generated content (UGC) that plagues many organizations online.

Your online communities, social networks, and third-party websites all provide opportunities for users to share and publish content that publicly addresses your organization. That’s why content moderation that protects your brand is so important — but it can be an extremely time-consuming undertaking.

Outsourced content moderation services help organizations save time while taking a proactive stance against unwanted, illicit, and false user content. With an ever-broadening online content landscape, consumers have more access points to engage with your brand—but that also means increased exposure to unwanted user-generated content.

By building better customer experiences that filter and remove harmful brand content, organizations can improve their brand’s online platforms across text, video, images, reviews, and more.

Why Content Moderation is Important

Content moderation services have seen a sharp increase in the last decade, as the vast majority of consumers rely on social proof and online research when choosing brands to trust. As brands become more exposed to third-party UGC on social platforms, online forums, and review sites, it’s important for your organization to deploy strategies that protect your customer experience and brand.

Technological advances have made it easier to take real-time action, as machine learning and AI are able to identify inappropriate content with increasing efficiency. Content moderation services pair technology with highly-skilled human intervention that helps drive resolutions and strengthen the monitoring process.

Don’t let scammers, hackers, online trolls, or imposter accounts ruin the integrity of your brand online. Content moderation ensures your online media platforms are protected.

Who Needs Content Moderation

Outsourced content moderation is ideal for any company that needs to enhance the security and integrity of their user-generated content across online communities. This could include social platforms, message boards, user forums, and even e-commerce marketplaces.

Most content moderation providers combine sophisticated machine learning technologies in tandem with human monitoring to create a comprehensive online moderation filter to elevate your brand.

Content moderation outsourcing is a cost-effective way to ensure your brand standards are enforced without putting a strain on your internal resources. Outsourced content moderation puts the heavy lifting in the hands of skilled agents, allowing your employees to focus on the cases where their expertise is needed.

Types of content moderation services

Text Moderation

Rely on content moderation services that focus on your brand’s textual content, including comment sections, social posts, product reviews, or product descriptions. Highly-trained content moderation agents can monitor and curate user-generated text online.

Image Moderation

Add powerful moderation of the graphical content of your online communities, including gifs, photos, and images. Trust sophisticated image monitoring services to filter and protect your online and social channels from illicit or offensive imagery.

Video Moderation

Smart devices and mobile internet have made it easy for consumers to upload and share user-generated content in the blink of an eye. Protect your brand by deploying video moderation services that ensure all video content regarding your brand is appropriate.

Social Media Moderation

Stay on top of your brand mentions across social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Customer sentiment and engagement online is often funneled into social media conversations. Your organization needs rapid response content moderation to promote healthy communication with your audience across social media.

Call Center Services - Content Moderation

Tasks performed by content moderation BPOs

  • Remove all invalid product review entries that are false or do not pertain to specific products.
  • Remove all spam solicitation that can overrun e-commerce pages, review sections, and online forums.
  • Quickly remove and block users sharing images that violate your brand’s ethical standards or copyright protocols.
  • Monitor and moderate images for proper brand attribution.
  • Ensure video content and video descriptions meet brand guidelines, whether on social or e-commerce platforms.
  • Quickly eliminate user-generated videos that violate copyright rules.
  • Deploy alerts on questionable content across third-party websites, allowing you to quickly take appropriate action.
  • Limit harassment and bot accounts from your social platforms and online communities.
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Our Outsource Content Moderation Partners

If you’re looking for an outsourcing company to scale up to moderate content, we can help you find the right partner. Our BPOs can provide outsource content moderation services 24/7/365, so someone will be keeping an eye on your users’ content no matter when they submit it. We can help you find a high-quality provider at considerable cost savings, often up to 70%!

Our outsource content moderation BPO partners have direct experience in the following industries:

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