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Call Centers in Asia & the Pacific

Call center outsourcing across Asia-Pacific (APAC) is thriving, as business leaders wisely relocate their business process outsourcing (BPO) tasks throughout the region.

Boasting a highly-technical workforce spread across more than 30 countries, leading countries like Japan, China, and the Philippines serve as examples of the diverse offerings that are available to call center leaders in APAC.

What makes outsource call centers even more attractive in Asia, beyond operating costs up to 70% lower than the U.S., is a consistent quality of service and technical expertise that has evolved to meet growing business demands.

With an incredibly deep talent pool of skilled, highly-technical agents, perhaps no other region is better situated to offer the exact call center deliverables your business needs.

Call Centers in Asia-Pacific

Benefits of Asia-Pacific Call Centers

Asia-Pacific outsource call centers offer many important benefits, including:

  • Cost savings of up to 70%
  • Multilingual agents
  • Broad technical capabilities
  • Large, growing workforce

We Have Outsource Call Center Partners in these
Asia-Pacific Countries

Emerging market: these countries are rapidly becoming top destinations for call center outsourcing.
Hot market: these countries are the most popular destinations in the region.
Country Top Languages Average Costs
The Philippines English $
Hot Market
Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese $$
Japan Japanese, Korean $$
Pakistan English $
Malaysia English, Chinese $$
Fiji English $$
South Korea Japanese, Korean $$$$
India English $

The Asia and Pacfic BPO Industry

The Asian-Pacific market offers a host of offshore benefits, including low costs and higher process efficiency, but one of the region’s greatest advantages is its vast pool of skilled agents to help scale and fulfill global BPO services.

With an incredibly high concentration of qualified workers, outsource call centers in Asia-Pacific offer organizations the ability to outsource a high volume of their activities while minimizing overall costs. Few markets can rival the region’s capacity or infrastructure in fulfilling omnichannel services for organizations both big and small.

Asia-Pacific offers call center solutions across a broad swatch of outsourcing industries, including e-commerce, software development, data curation, and supply chain and logistics, to name a few.

This flexibility is highly-suited for organizations seeking a dynamic call center partner to execute their call center operations.

Top Languages Available in Asia-Pacific Call Centers

Our BPO partners in Asia and the Pacific can provide voice and non-voice services in the following languages:

The Call Center Workforce in Asia and the Pacific

Home to 60% of the world’s population, APAC has leveraged their abundant workforce to help solidify the call center industry as a stable career sector across the region.

APAC populations tend to be highly-educated and disciplined professionals, with a strong tendency toward early tech adoption. This expertise across technology makes it easier for organizations to find skilled agents to deliver highly-technical services and exceptional customer service.

Many APAC workers are also multilingual, with high native fluency in the world’s two most spoken languages, Mandarin and English. Despite these benefits, organizational costs stay low, as high growth drives competition for call center roles across regional populations — passing the savings to the business user.

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