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Call Centers in South America

Increasing demand for bilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) services, with both English and Spanish fluency, has been the main catalyst that has helped South America differentiate the region from other potential nearshore and offshore vendors.

Boasting similar cost savings and customer service benefits, South America has narrowed the gap and, in many cases, exceeded other offshore options by providing value-added service in a location that is better aligned and easier to access from domestic markets.

And considering the Spanish-speaking consumers are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the U.S., it’s clear to see the inherent value the region offers for business leaders looking to elevate their products and services by leveraging outsource call center partners.

Call Centers in South America

Benefits of South American Call Centers

South American outsource call centers offer many important benefits, including:

  • Geographic proximity.
  • Close cultural ties with the U.S.
  • Multilingual talent pool.
  • Up to 50% cost savings over North American call centers.

We Have Outsource Call Center Partners in these
South American Countries

Emerging market: these countries are rapidly becoming top destinations for call center outsourcing.
Hot market: these countries are the most popular destinations in the region.
Country Top Languages Average Costs
Hot Market
English, Spanish $$
Hot Market
Emerging Market
English $$
Peru English, Spanish $$
Argentina English, Spanish, French, German $$
Chile English, Spanish $$
Paraguay English, Spanish $$
Uruguay English, Spanish $$
Brazil English, Spanish, French, Portuguese $$

The BPO Industry in South America

South America has seen a steady return on investment, as they’ve modernized the region’s telecommunication technologies. With a greater capacity and industry expertise to serve global organizations, South America is entering a new phase of viability throughout the industry.

Experts predict even more business integrations and omnichannel strategies in the coming years, to help service seamless customer experiences across voice calls, email, SMS, and social media.

By competing against the offshore regions of India and Southeast Asia, South America is creating new opportunities for partnering economies to grow into new verticals, including healthcare, telecomm, energy, retail, and consumer products.

Top Languages Available in South American Call Centers

Our BPO partners in South America can provide voice and non-voice services in the following languages:

The Call Center Workforce in South America

Workers across Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and the entirety of South America are embracing the emerging economic opportunities, seizing on new roles within the call center industry. With a talented pool of recent graduates, as well as an educational system infused with an English-facing curriculum, South American workers are uniquely poised to communicate and relate to their North American neighbors.

Most workers throughout South America are highly motivated and talented agents, parlaying a deep affinity with U.S. cultures, and strong English fluency, to hone in on customer needs that non-native English speakers could miss.

South American call center agents afford prospective businesses the confidence to secure cost-saving services that deliver a highly-rated customer experience at all stages of your consumer engagement.

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