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Call Centers in the Caribbean

Going beyond its global reputation for immaculate tourist destinations, the Caribbean region is not only coaxing business professionals to relax on their sandy beaches but to also relocate their business process outsourcing (BPO) services too.

With incredible access to markets in the U.S. and Canada, many business leaders are opting for nearshore Caribbean contact centers over traditional options in India or Southeast Asia.

Many flights to the region, with direct flights from cities like Miami, Houston, or New York, take only a few hours. This increased proximity, along with significant cost savings, allow Caribbean call centers to offer incredible efficiency and flexibility for organizations pursuing simple access to day-to-day call center operations.

Call Centers in the Caribbean

Benefits of Caribbean Call Centers

Caribbean outsource call centers offer many important benefits, including:

  • Save up to 50%
  • Highly-skilled, English-speaking agents
  • Close proximity
  • Cultural affinity with the U.S.
  • World-leading customer service

We Have Outsource Call Center Partners in these
Caribbean Countries

Emerging market: these countries are rapidly becoming top destinations for call center outsourcing.
Hot market: these countries are the most popular destinations in the region.
Country Top Languages Average Costs
Jamaica English $$
The Dominican Republic English, Spanish $$
Puerto Rico English, Spanish $$$
Dominica English, French $$
The Bahamas English $$
Grenada English $$

The Caribbean BPO Industry

Sparked by widespread telecom deregulation more than a decade earlier, the Caribbean region has actively worked to cut costs to appeal to U.S. companies seeking business process alternatives located in an attractive corporate environment.

Caribbean call center leaders are anxious to cater to the maturation of the industry as a means to partner across the already thriving tourism sector. Many Caribbean islands have invested in tax programs, financial allotments for employee training, and additional government incentives to nurture call center growth.

Top Languages Available in Caribbean Call Centers

Our BPO partners in the Caribbean can provide voice and non-voice services in the following languages:

The Call Center Workforce in the Caribbean

The Caribbean workforce offers a highly affable and culturally aligned talent pool to help service global customers. Due largely to the prevalence of customer-facing careers within the tourism industry, Caribbean workers, more than perhaps any other region, are uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In addition, the small island region is far more diverse in the populace, and therefore native language fluency, with six official languages in the region, including Spanish, French, and English.

In terms of customer satisfaction, it would be a challenge to find a nearshore region with more qualified and skilled agents than within Caribbean call centers.

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