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Call Centers in The United Kingdom

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Benefits of United Kingdom Call Centers

  • Highly-educated workforce
  • Stable and growing economy
  • Business-friendly regulations
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Outsource Call Centers

United Kingdom Call Centers

Offering access to a modern and liberalized economy — comprising of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland — the United Kingdom has remained one of the best destinations for outsourcing business process services.

Boasting one of the most vibrant, diverse, and growth-oriented economies in the world, the United Kingdom is rated as one of the easiest regions to do business, according to World Bank reports.

Call center leaders are shifting services to the United Kingdom, as the human capital of highly skilled and educated workers continues to climb in the region. Despite this pool of talented agents to achieve high customer satisfaction, the labor costs still hold at an attractive rate for business investors.

Outsource Call Center Industry

The Call Center Industry in the United Kingdom

Already supported by a healthy business infrastructure, the United Kingdom remains focused on bringing greater innovation and improvements to the region for continued business stability.

This growth has been targeted across technology, transportation, and telecommunication, to scale the region’s ability to attract foreign investors and mature business organizations.

The United Kingdom also offers flexible regulatory oversight across taxes and business financing, which makes it easier for business leaders to quickly deploy call center operations in the United Kingdom. As a middle ground across many world economies, the United Kingdom represents a pivotal foothold for business growth.

United Kingdom Call Center Agent

The Call Center Workforce in the United Kingdom

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing services in the United Kingdom is the talent pool. With more than 30 million workers across industries, the UK offers the second largest workforce in the European Union, with this growth projected to continue.

Due largely to the region’s focus on education, most UK workers are highly educated and skilled, offering diversity in talent and language proficiencies that can align with most product or service offerings.

The United Kingdom also offers some of the lowest labor costs in Western Europe, with rates below neighboring countries, such as France, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

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Quick Facts: United Kingdom Outsourcing

Average Cost Savings 20%
Market Maturity Established
Regions Europe, EMEA
Population 67,981,354
Area 93,628 sq. miles

Major Outsourcing Cities in The United Kingdom

City Current Local Time Flight Times
San Francisco Chicago New York
London11h 14m8h 25m7h 27m
Glasgow10h 34m7h 51m6h 57m
Leeds10h 55m8h 10m7h 14m

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