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Languages available in French call centers: French • And more!

Call Centers in France

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Benefits of French Call Centers

  • Diverse language skills from agents
  • Excellent technology and transportation infrastructure
  • Strong national economy
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French Call Centers

It’s not unusual to think of fine dining and culture when discussing France, but the European nation has quietly become a business superpower and emerging location for French-speaking call center outsourcing.

That’s because the French economy is the third-largest in Europe and the seventh-largest in the world by GDP. In addition, French is a rapidly-growing global language, spoken across 30 different countries and nearly 300 million people. It’s expected more than 500 million people will be fluent French speakers in the next decade, making the language one of the most influential business languages in the coming years.

With more revenue and business to be earned among French speakers, call center leaders that want to make their mark in locations, such as Europe, Canada, and Africa, where French is highly represented, will need fluent and skilled agents to deliver quality call center services.

Outsource Call Center Industry

The Call Center Industry in France

As a top ten world economy, France rests in a stable market for call center operations with more than 60 million consumers nationally and half a billion European consumers across the European Union.

Call centers in France benefit from simple access across one of the world’s most mature transportation systems, featuring broad roadway and railway networks, as well as rapid air travel throughout Europe.

France has also been a mainstay for emerging tech industries over the last decade, as government incentives have attracted foreign businesses looking for high-quality locations that reward international investors.

France is one of the best call center locations to cater to emerging call center initiatives and business goals.

France Call Center Agent

The Call Center Workforce in France

The French workforce is largely under-appreciated as a competitive labor pool, offering dynamic skills and diligent productivity for call center leaders.

Bolstered by exceptional national education and technical skill development, France is rated as one of most productive nations in hourly labor efficiency, with almost half of their workforce holding higher-education certifications.

In addition to competitive output, many call center agents are multilingual, with high English fluency, offering service clarity across two of the biggest worldwide business languages.

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Quick Facts: French Outsourcing

Average Cost Savings 30%
Market Maturity Established
Regions Europe, EMEA
Population 65,273,511
Area 213,011 sq. miles

Major Outsourcing Cities in France

City Current Local Time Flight Times
San Francisco Chicago New York
Paris11h 39m08h 47m07h 46m
Forbach11h 53m09h 07m08h 08m
Chalons11h 46m08h 56m07h 56m

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