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5 Key Outbound and Inbound Contact Center Solutions

Large companies can easily provide a customer experience that’s customized for each individual consumer. However, an article by Fred Chua points out that many small to mid-sized businesses with limited workforces and resources are challenged by delivering service tailored to each customer. For these companies, Chua recommends outsourcing with contact centers to provide “blended” communication.

The idea of a blended contact center refers to inbound and outbound services across all communication channels and the agents having access to all of this within their own workstations and CRM desktops. The result of utilizing a blended contact center include shorter wait times for customers, greater efficiency and productivity due to ACD and other technology, and higher agent engagement due to a decrease in mundane tasks.

5 Key Outbound and Inbound Contact Center Solutions

Small to mid-sized companies can benefit greatly from contact center outsourcing. We’ve helped numerous clients find contact center partners that improve their customer experience and increase their sales conversions. If your goal is to increase revenue, improve customer loyalty, and gain a solid ROI, both outbound and inbound contact center services can help you achieve your objective. The following are five key outbound and inbound contact center solutions to help your company:

  1. Email: Many people have simple inquiries that don’t require immediate attention. Some people simply don’t feel comfortable calling companies on the phone to voice their feedback or concerns. For both of these situations, email is often the preferred mode of communication. Contact centers can handle inbound emails by responding quickly (within 24 hours) to customer inquiries, and they can handle outbound emails such as surveys, questionnaires, or other data gathering campaigns.
  2. Live Chat Support: We live in an age of instant gratification. People want accurate answers to their questions immediately. This can be nearly impossible to achieve for companies with low budget or staff, but outsourcing with a contact center makes it easy. Live chat support agents can be trained on the details of their clients’ processes and marketing in order to provide customers with quick answers that accurately provide information approved by the company.
  3. Social Media: Is your brand on social media? Your customers are on social media, and they’ll post about your company whether you’re there or not. Contact centers with agents focused on social media customer service can help companies by enabling them to communicate with their customers in a casual, friendly tone.
  4. Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing: Outbound telemarketing can increase revenue thanks to agents trained in sales and up-selling. In addition, contact centers can provide inbound telemarketing. Inbound telemarketing agents can provide up-selling and cross-selling services while handling customer complaints and feedback. Inbound and Outbound telemarketing can help you cultivate excellent relationships with your clients while positively affecting your bottom line and boosting your ROI.
  5. Surveys and Outreach: Whether you need market research, customer feedback, donation cultivation, fundraising, political calling, or collections, outbound contact centers have you covered. Contact center agents can produce great results on any outreach campaigns.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click here: Imagine Having A Positive Customer Experience Plus Operational Efficiencies. Do It With Blended Call Center  – Fred Chua 

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