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4 Channels Where Contact Centers Can Deliver Customer Service

Is a company’s success purely based upon the price of their products and services? Is it based on offering something unique to every other company on the market? These two aspects of a company’s value are very important, but how you treat your customers is what truly determines long-term success. Many companies offer competitive pricing and products, so gaining customer loyalty through a high-quality customer experience can be the main advantage that can set a company apart from its competitors. With that in mind, what exactly makes a company’s customer service great? In a recent article*, Ben Wright explains the following nine ways companies can deliver excellent customer service:

1) Hire the right people for the job. Click here to learn more!

2) Educate Your Employees About the Products and Services Your Business provides. Click here to learn more!

3) Establish specific goals

4) Treat customers with empathy and respect

5) Add a personal touch to your customer service practices

6) Become faster while retaining quality

7) Handle complaints effectively

8) Don’t shy away from technology and millenials

9) Be on the receiving end of your businesses customer service

4 Channels Where Contact Centers Can Deliver Customer Service

The chances are good that you’ve heard the term “multichannel” or “omnichannel” multiple times if you’ve worked in customer service or the contact center industries. While people may tire of hearing these terms, the reality is that customers have a variety of ways to contact companies, which means that multichannel service is here for the long haul. For companies interested in utilizing multichannel contact centers to improve their customer experience, the following are four customer service channels to help your customers:

1) Inbound Customer Service: Traditional, phone-based customer service. Inbound call center agents can deliver high-quality customer service for companies, which helps create loyalty provide a solid ROI. In addition to customer service, these agents are sales professionals who can significantly increase sales conversions and positively affect the company’s bottom line.

2) Live Chat Support: When customers have questions about products or need customer service, many of them want immediate answers without the connection of a phone call. Live chat support helps provide immediate answers to potential customers, which can significantly increase website sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

3) Social Media: Call centers with a focus on social media customer service can handle high volumes of customer interaction in a timely manner. Social media customer service agents can monitor all customer interactions with your brand 24-hours a day, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google , LinkedIn, or other networks. This allows brands to protect their image while provide a more casual environment for their customers to gather, ask questions, and voice their feedback.

4) Email: Companies often don’t have the resources to respond specifically to customer service emails. However, contact centers have agents focused on email responses and have the flexibility to ramp up to rapidly respond to all inquiries in a timely manner as email volume increases due to peak seasonality or specific support issues

This blog post is based on an article from Right Mix Marketing.* To read the original article, please click the link below:

9 Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service in your Business – Ben Wright*

*The original article is no longer available online.

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