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Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador

Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Guatemala, Honduras, and El SalvadorWe have seen a demand for nearshore contact center outsourcing locations. Many of these locations are hidden gems that can offer great value at prices up to 50% off of U.S. contact center rates. This article will discuss three neighboring Central American outsourcing countries: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.


There are multiple contact centers located in Guatemala City, which is a prime location that has a workforce of over 3 million people with over 70% of the population under the age of 30. The country has over 15 universities with more than 170,000 enrolled students, which enables contact centers to provide clients with nearly unlimited scalability with talented agents.

Guatemalan call center agents are often college educated and bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. For the nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish around the world, Guatemalan agents have neutral Spanish accents that can help a variety of Hispanic countries and US Hispanic markets. The agents share a strong cultural affinity to the United States and Canada due to a large number of people who travel to and from Guatemala every year.

Guatemalan contact centers are compliant in HIPAA, PCI, and FCRA. They provide omnichannel capabilities such as traditional inbound and outbound voice services, email, live chat support, and social media customer service. On top of these benefits, a flight to the airport in Guatemala City only takes three hours from Dallas or Miami and the locations share the Central time zone with the United States, which allows for easy management oversight.


Call center vendors in Honduras are primarily located in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. This is the country’s most populated city with over one million people that make an abundant high-quality workforce. There are over 10 universities in Tegucigalpa, which provides highly-skilled, college-educated contact center agents who are bilingual (English and Spanish) with neutral accents.

Honduras is great for companies because of its competitive labor wages, their government is supportive of the outsourcing industry, and their world-class fiber optic technology. Honduran contact centers offer top-tier technological advantages including robust and custom data tracking systems, training systems, and live chat support software. We work with many high performing outsource contact centers that are committed to providing scholarships and training for agents to further strengthen their bilingual speaking abilities.

El Salvador

Call centers in El Salvador are great options for inbound customer service, outbound sales, and telemarketing. El Salvador has deep bilingual agent (English and Spanish) capacity. A rising number of Salvadorian contact center agents have spent time living and studying in the United States, so they are familiar with American culture and know what it takes to deliver high-quality customer experience to U.S. residents.

The Salvadorian call center industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, with Fortune 500 and BPO companies opening new centers in major cities such as San Salvador. A call center in El Salvador can benefit your company greatly, whether your industry is travel and hospitality, telecommunications, retail, or any other market. A plane ride to the country is roughly three hours, which makes for an easy trip.

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