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Twitter Offering “Click to Call”

Response Magazine recently published an article about Twitter’s new offer of a click-to-call direct response option. A summary of this article is below:

Twitter – New Direct Response Advertising

Twitter says it will soon become an effective direct response advertising medium that will create leads, drive app downloads, collect consumers’ email addresses and prompt incoming calls from customers.

Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s vice president of global online sales, told that Twitter is beta-testing a click-to-call button to allow mobile users to engage with a Twitter ad, but he didn’t say when it would be available.

Analysts say Twitter needs to increase its ad base because its ad rates are falling and its growth is slowing – and they add that direct response ads measured by clicks, leads or sales still make up the majority of online ad spending.

So far, advertisers have used Twitter ads primarily to create awareness about a brand or event. An emphasis on direct response means convincing marketers that Twitter ads can be used for more highly targeted campaigns in which the bottom line is more important than the number of retweets and favorites.

Adobe has used Twitter’s lead generation ads to help a college find adult users who were considering going back to school. Digital marketing company Webtrends used them to build an email database of potential new clients. And a digital retailer tapped Twitter to drive sales on its site.

Alfonsi said direct awareness is an addition (not a replacement) to promoted tweets, trends and accounts aimed at garnering interest over producing a conversion. “It doesn’t change the consumer experience; it makes it more relevant,” Alfonsi said.


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