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The Cloud Has Worth in the Call Center

Is there anything the cloud can’t do? Probably, but in the fast-growing world of high technology, its nascent growth is being embraced from seemingly all quarters. InContact wrote an article on their cloud expansion in the summary below:

It should come as no surprise that inContact, a leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, has announced that an existing client is so happy with the company’s current offering that it is expanding the current cloud platform it’s utilizing from inContact to spread across multiple business units.

The Fortune 500 residential and commercial technologies leader – which, as per inContact company protocols declined to be identified – says it will connect an additional 800 agents to its existing usage of inContact’s cloud contact center solution. inContact CEO Paul Jarman said he was pleased but not surprised.
“The cloud is now a proven, scalable solution for enterprise customer-service operations,” Jarman said. “inContact helps unify multi-location, multi-business unit and multinational customer support. With the cloud, all contact center operations are connected and visible across the corporation.”

The new division of the Fortune 500 company will implement inContact’s cloud core building blocks, which include Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response along with email, chat, and SMS capabilities. That’s all in addition to the call center company’s traditional voice channels. All of these together will enable end customers to connect with the manufacturing company through their preferred channel, but even better, the system will empower agents to send written confirmations and other important customer service details during a single interaction.

On top of the inContact core platform, the company will add a full suite of Quality Management (QM) solutions to improve its overall customer service efforts. The QM system monitors agent performance, captures their interactions, scores them against pre-defined criteria and improves agents’ skills by identifying training and improvement opportunities.

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