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Nearshore Outsourcing Spotlight: Tijuana

Tijuana, Mexico is undergoing a well-deserved and long overdue reputation makeover.  Once viewed as an area with some questionable characteristics, many call center executives are now flocking to Tijuana as a nearshore outsourcing destination for their call center agencies. The locale, which is famously affordable and domestically close, also offers many unsuspected advantages below the surface.

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll quickly learn this outdated reputation is not reflective of the surrounding community. Tijuana is a rapidly growing corporate destination for nearshore outsourcing.

Call center executives usually feel they need to find a balance between cost savings and quality customer service when choosing an outsourcing partner — but Tijuana offers both. With a 50% savings versus outsourcing in the United States the cost advantage is real.

Here are just a few reasons the busiest border crossing in the world is a very strong destination for nearshore outsourcing.


Tijuana represents a seamless, cost-saving alternative to domestic call centers, with highly-skilled agent pools that are deeply immersed in American culture and highly-fluent English speakers.

For a large percentage of Tijuana residents, English is their first language, with a majority of call center agents having spent significant time in the United States. This cultural and linguistic familiarity translates into more personalized and powerful customer experiences. When compared to other nearshore call centers, Tijuana is very strong in both in sales conversions and quality customer service.


A recurring challenge for outsourcing any call center operation is the ability to be hands-on during training and manage your outsourced team to optimize performance out of the gate and manage ongoing operations. With a nearshore option like Tijuana, managing your call center location is painless.

Just a 30-minute drive from San Diego, and with direct flights from most domestic cities in a few short hours, Tijuana is easily accessible for initial site visits, employee trainings, and ongoing performance check-ups.

In addition to the hands-on visibility, Tijuana call centers also offer simple and effective communication across shared time zones and operating hours.

Nearshore locations like Tijuana ensure you never sacrifice the quality of your call center service because of jet lag or communications that are lost in translation.


Despite frequent misconceptions, the city of Tijuana is a rapidly modernizing city, with increased industrial and corporate growth fueled by a highly-skilled pool of technical workers.

As Tijuana and its residents continue to open themselves to globalization, the city has seen improvements in standard of living and the long term outlook for its residents. Tijuana is routinely compared to more developed, domestic locations, and crime statistics are similar, if not better, than many offshore call center locations.


For organizations looking to add outsourced call center operations, Tijuana offers a tremendous collection of benefits, including cost reduction and scalable customer service.

Plus, it is a leading nearshore option, featuring deep pools of talent, exceptional domestic proximity and a thriving business sector that is growing more stable every year.

If you’re considering Tijuana as a nearshore outsourcing option, trust Outsource Consultants to find you the right partner at NO COST to you! To get started, request your free call center cost proposal.