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4 Ways Multichannel Call Centers Can Gather The Customer Voice

In a recent article, Bill Price discusses the topic of speech and data analytics and how they can be used to improve the customer experience. An example he gives is when his previous employer used this tactic during the holiday season by utilizing the technology to send customer emails that contained words like “Christmas” to the top of the queue to be addressed as priority. This strategy helped the company catch up with the heavy increase in email volume during seasonal spikes and allowed them to meet customer expectations. Price’s article discusses the following five steps to use speech and data analytics to improve the customer experience:

1) Gather customer voices from social media, web reviews, live chat sessions, email, and any other interaction with your company to find key words. Price goes into more detail in the original article.

2) Use the most common keywords you find from the voice of the customer gathering to determine the pain points in the customer journey and where resources can be properly allocated.

3) Use a speech and data engine to monitor and analyze these keywords in a live setting.

4) After gathering text and voice interactions and data, Price recommends using the information to create a customer recommendations engine. He explains this in more detail in his article.

5) Utilize machine learning when building and implementing new procedures or strategies.

4 Ways Multichannel Call Centers Can Gather The Customer Voice

Two of the most important components of Price’s process of improving the customer experience with speech and data analytics are the first two steps. In order to gather the voice of the customer through text and voice recordings, companies often utilize multichannel call center software solutions. The following are four ways multichannel call centers can help gather the customer voice:

1) Email Services: Email management technology helps companies by integrating their automatic call distribution queues and with their email response system to maximize agent utilization rates. You can also easily collect data and keywords with this technology.

2) Social Media: Your customers are on social media, so you must them on the channels where they gather. This allows companies to provide customer service and listen to how their customers truly feel about them.

3) Live Chat Support: Qualified agents are trained in the unique practices of a chat experience that is both pro-active and reactive to fit the variety of inquiries that come in from your customer website. Immediate answers to potential customers can significantly increase your website sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment, but live chat support technology makes it easier to track customers’ interaction with your company and record notable insights.

4) Inbound Software: Solutions such as CRM Systems (Customer Relationship Management), cloud software, and ACD dialers all help gather the customer voice and organize it properly. The CRM system can be integrated with other call center software to provide agents with the collected data in order to deliver personalized customer experiences.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

Applying Speech and Data Analytics to Improve Customer Experience – Bill Price

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