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Why A Lead-To-Revenue Strategy May Be Necessary For Your Company

Were your final sales and marketing goals met last year? Whether your had the best results of your company’s history or fell short on your KPIs, there is always room for improvement. In a recent article, Christopher Ryan discusses how focusing on a Lead-to-Revenue (L2R) strategy can bring you better results in the coming year. What is L2R? According to Ryan, L2R is defined as, “A marketing and sales framework that optimizes people, processes and technology in a synchronized manner to produce higher revenue, shortened sales cycles and improved close rates.” This approach is all encompassing in terms of timeline and departments and is measured by a few crucial bottom-line metrics.

The necessity for this approach stems from a survey taken by Ryan’s company, which revealed that sales and marketing executives were concerned that lead flow and quality were issues that were having a negative impact on their revenue, which was leading to companies thinking that their marketing departments had minimal value to the companies. The survey also showed that, as a result of this perspective, companies were spending a very small percentage of their revenue on boosting their marketing campaigns, which indicates a lack of faith in marketing that needs to be fixed. Ryan says that focusing time and money on an L2R strategy can help align marketing and sales for more beneficial results.

L2R strategies can ensure every department and process work together to achieve the same goal, which is generally a higher revenue. If implemented properly, an L2R strategy can increase sales closing rates, decrease sales cycle times, and improve conversion metrics and lead quality. Ryan’s article states that there are eight key components that need to be cohesive in order to support the strategy, which includes brand strategy, effective sales model, compelling and relevant content, and more.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

Boost Your 2017 Lead-to-Revenue Performance – 8 Key Components – Christopher Ryan

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