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When and What to Outsource to a Contact Center

The vast majority of entrepreneurs think that they can do it all. There is nothing wrong with this; entrepreneurs have this mind-set, they were born with it. The article summary below by Person Per Hour, discusses the “when” and “what” when it comes to outsourcing:

At some point though, reality creeps in. This is where the entrepreneur has to consider the possibility of outsourcing some work tasks in their business.

When to Outsource

The trick is knowing when to outsource. You may have staff, but when it gets to the point where there are tasks that just can’t be handled by the staff, you may want to consider outsourcing to a call center. Sounds ridiculously simple, but many entrepreneurs with staff push their people to the limit, when there really is no need.

A perfect example to outsource to a contact center is when new tasks come in, or you’re receiving too many emails or phone calls, but they aren’t enough to warrant hiring another full-time employee.

What to Outsource

It is important that you don’t go ‘outsource crazy’, and farm out all the work that you don’t want to do. Some work is important, and needs doing by you and your team. A key issue here is core competencies. If you have worked on these, and you know what you have that sets you apart from competitors, it makes perfect sense to undertake any activities associated with them. Otherwise, you are giving the work that makes you special to an outsourced contact center option.

Anything that is highly repetitive, requires specialist knowledge, or a high volume of customer service, are perfect candidates for outsourcing to a contact center.

Outsourcing is about being smart and focused on your business goals. It solves a myriad of problems, especially for young companies, or companies that just need certain small or routine tasks doing by outside professionals.

Considering outsourcing? We can help!

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