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The “We’ve Always Done it this Way” Mindset is Dangerous for Contact Centers

The We've Always Done it This Way Mindset is Dangerous for Contact CentersDoes your company try to get customers to follow the ways of your world, or do you build your company to reflect and serve the world around you? An article by Camille Nicita discusses the idea that companies need to adopt a “survival of the fittest” approach to their business.

This is accomplished by reacting to the environment of the culture and world around you and evolving. The companies that adopt this approach will be more successful than the companies that remain stuck in their ways while expecting consumers to adopt their mindset.

The most important factors in keeping the customers at the core of every business decision are structure and mindset. Mindsets need to stop being stuck in old ways and open to new possibilities, which could lead to complete structural changes.

This can be scary for many stakeholders and executives, but the payoff could be huge and improve company/customer relations. Nicita says that companies need to be okay with sacrificing short-term analytics if it means long-term growth and organize all aspects of the company around the consumer journey.

There’s nothing more terrifying in any business than the expression, “We’ve always done it this way!” If you’re not changing with the times, you’re bound to lose perspective. This can be damaging to a company because they’ll run the risk of losing touch with their customers. Consumers are evolving, and it’s your job to evolve with them in order to provide service that meets their expectations.

We’re not in an age where we can simply tell customers that it’s our way or the highway because they’ll gladly take that highway. It’s easy enough to do, especially with the internet. If your company refuses to create a multichannel experience where customers can jump from channel to channel seamlessly, then the customers will do a simple Google search, find a competitor of yours who will give them the experience they’re seeking, and jump ship.

Outsource call centers are not excluded from this reality. It’s not good enough to simply read off of scripts without allowing the agents some flexibility within them. It’s not going to please customers if an agent answers their call but isn’t prepared to pick up the conversation where the customer left off with a chat agent or chatbot. You’re not going to be as efficient or appealing for potential clients without adopting cloud-based contact center software or artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ditch the notion that your ways are perfect and you don’t have to change with the times. Constant evolution will keep you optimized to handle any generation of customers.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the article, please click here!

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