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The Importance Of Up-Selling In Call Centers For ROI

In his recent article, Fred Chua points out that while sales to potential new customers are important to companies, it can be just as important to sell new products and services to existing customers. This can be accomplished by call center agents using a tactic called up-selling, which is selling a more upgrade dated version of a product/service as opposed to the original intended product/service. Up-selling can result in boosted revenue due to increased order size. Chua’s article provides and elaborates on the following eight reasons why call centers should use up-selling tactics:

1) Increases revenue

2) Cuts costs

3) Denotes eager customers

4) Easy compared to traditional sales

5) Works for every type of business

6) Increases customer satisfaction

7) Helps retain loyal customers

8) Exposes higher margin items and best sellers

How Inbound Telemarketing Can Provide ROI

Call centers should always aim to deliver a high quality customer experience for the companies that partner with them. However, companies should also expect that their call centers provide a solid return on investment (ROI) through Inbound Telemarketing (up-selling, cross-selling) strategies to increase average order sizes. While Outbound Telemarketing can be very helpful in increasing sales and generating leads, Inbound Telemarketing agents have the advantage that the customers are calling them, so they’ll be more perceptive to hearing about new product offerings than people who are cold-called by the agent. In addition, they have the opportunity to provide high-quality customer service prior to attempting up-sells/cross-sells to ensure a more natural and inviting customer/agent interaction. Versatility is something companies should always look for when searching for a call center outsourcing partner. Make sure the call center provides high quality customer service and has the capability to increase revenue through up-sells and cross-sells.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

The 8 Reasons Why Call Centers Should Embrace Upselling – Fred Chua

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