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Telecom Unions Push for US-Based Call Center

A recent post by The Hill discusses the support of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) members for a bill that will give callers the option of speaking with a US-based call center rather than an offshore center.

About the US Based Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act

According to CWA’s website, this bill would prevent companies that ship outsourcing offshore from getting Federal loans and would be the last to obtain government contracts; however, it would provide callers with the right to know what center they are speaking to as well as giving the caller the right to be transferred to a US-based call center.

A summarization of The Hill post is below:

Telecom Unions Push for “Press One for America” Bill

Members of the CWA will join members of the House and Senate this week to call for the passage of legislation giving people the option of using a US based call center.

The CWA supports the United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act, which has already been offered in the House and Senate.

The group is calling that bill the “Press One For America” call center bill, as it would require call centers to identify where they are located. If the caller requests it, overseas call centers would have to forward calls to a US-based call center.

The bill is meant to reduce the outsourcing of call center jobs to India and other countries. On Wednesday, CWA members from an outsourced call center in Texas will join members of Congress, along with an “insured” call center in North Carolina.


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