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Politics as Usual? Why the 2020 Election Demands a New Approach to Call Center Procurement

Politics as Usual? Why the 2020 Election Demands a New Approach to Call Center ProcurementIt’s not up for debate—the 2020 election season is upon us, and November 3rd will be here before you know it. So what does your political call center procurement plan look like?

You need to secure a quality outbound calling partner before it’s too late.

That’s because political campaign telemarketing has become a nearly universal feature of campaign strategy for more than a generation. And as technology and constituent demands have scaled, successful campaigns have entrusted more responsibility to their outbound partners.

Whether your goal is to raise funds, engage with local voters, generate awareness, or tout candidate policy, it’s important to have skillful agents representing your political interests.

Plus, with high political tension, growing economic uncertainty, and the sustained impact of COVID-19, campaign strategy has literally shifted away from “shaking hands and kissing babies” to a completely omnichannel experience.

And while political call center partners are excellent at boosting your campaign’s visibility across emerging channels, there are plenty of reasons to act now and get prepared:

You Need to Find Qualified Political Call Center Agents

Sure, you can partner with any random outbound call center (and they will happily take your business), but it doesn’t mean they’ll drive meaningful ROI.

Your campaign telemarketing success depends on finding qualified agents who resonate with your constituents.

To engage with the right people, on the right channel, and at the right time, you’ll need call center partners that have trained their outbound agents for specific political campaign functions you need, including:

  • Get Out the Vote
  • Raising campaign contributions
  • Helping voters register
  • Confirming balloting location
  • Explaining your candidate’s policy positions
  • And more…

There are only so many outbound call centers available that can tailor your political telemarketing to drive both omnichannel experiences for younger, digitally active voters as well as more intuitive and clarifying engagements for less tech-savvy constituents.

The difference between political call center partners and the rest can be measured in dollars contributed, votes cast, and elections won.

Which Political Call Center Partner is Best for Your Business? We’ll Tell You.

Don’t Blink: The Best Campaign Call Centers Go Fast 

It might seem like there are a wealth of options to choose from when selecting a call center partner — and that’s true. However, there are only so many call centers that offer the direct and specialized agent expertise you need to serve your constituents.

If your campaign cannot secure a political call center partner, then you’ll be forced to pay a similar price for telemarketing that doesn’t offer the same tailored experience.

With higher call center demand due to the pandemic and the approaching election season, skilled call center vendors are going fast. And for that reason, proactive campaigns will garner the most benefit by securing savvy political call center partners before it’s too late.

And with call centers fielding new business like never before due to COVID-19 along with the shift to remote work, even replacement level call centers are hard to find.

Simply put: the longer you wait, the fewer quality options you’ll have to choose from.

The ROI of your political campaign will largely be driven by your call center’s ability to deploy agents that deliver campaign results. That’s why it matters which outbound partner is in your corner.

Sure, call centers without political campaign experience can canvas and call — but can they close?

Get Started: Find Your 2020 Election Outbound Partner 

Political Call Center Procurement: Here’s What You Need to Do Now

If you’re just starting the process of finding your next political call center partner, here’s how you should proceed:

1) Don’t wait another minute.

Honestly, each day you wait is another 24 hours of missed opportunities to connect with your target audience. And you need assurances that the call center partner you do choose is able to scale to meet your needs in the weeks, days, and hours before election day.

With growing political engagement across demographics, and the general lift from presidential balloting, 2020 may be one of the most potent campaign seasons in American history.

You can’t afford to squander any more time.

2) Find a strategic partner to search for you

If you’re looking to leverage an experienced political call center, you’ll need to either carve out time and resources from within your organization or delegate to a partner that knows what to look for.

While both approaches have their benefits, why not ask an expert that can offer speed, confidence, and ongoing support.

Outsource Consultants and our call center partners are guaranteed to meet your call center telemarketing needs, scaling to your targeted capacity and delivering engaging experiences to your campaign targets.

It’s Time to Choose Your Campaign Call Center 

With a generation of call center expertise, connecting clients with exceptional outbound partners, our call center leaders are experts at matching the right team to drive the right results for your political campaign goals.

To help guide your new approach for call center procurement, contact Outsource Consultants for a free, no-risk consultation to find your next political call center partner.