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Outsourcing Spotlight: Veteran-Owned Call Centers

Outsourcing Spotlight: Veteran-Owned Call CentersOn the 11th hour of November 11th, World War I came to a close with the Armistice of Germany. This led to the creation of the Armistice day holiday in both the UK and the United States. The holiday was later renamed Veterans Day in the USA to honor all those who have served in the military.

As we celebrate and remember the role veterans played while serving our country, we must also consider that there is life after retirement for these brave men and women. Finding post-service work for veterans can be an important and tricky transition, as with any career change.

Veteran-owned call centers provide a unique opportunity to work alongside these heroes and gain unparalleled benefits. We wanted to take the time on this important holiday to tell you why veterans are a great option as a BPO partner.

What are Veteran-Owned Call Centers?

Veteran-owned contact centers fall under two categories: VOSB and SDVOSB.

A VOSB, or veteran-owned small business, is owned and controlled unconditionally by one or more eligible veterans, service-disabled veterans, or a surviving spouse. When a contact center is certified as a VOSB, they receive numerous perks through the SBA Office of Veteran Business Development. This organization offers resources to veterans such as entrepreneurial training programs, counseling, and financial assistance.

An SDVOSB, or service-disabled veteran-owned small business, is owned, in the majority, by service-disabled veterans. Additionally, a veteran with service-connected disabilities must handle the day-to-day operations of the company.

The Many Benefits of Working With VOSB and SDVOSB call centers

Despite their shared experience serving in the military, veterans are a highly varied group with different backgrounds who have learned to work together.

Military service offers unique skills that add to the success and trustworthiness of VOSB and SDVOSB call centers. Once veterans switch careers, their military experience often translates to remarkable business skills, such as unparalleled leadership, collaboration, and task management. In fact, retired U.S. officers have a great track record of sharing their leadership skills to help encourage personal development, customer service, and productivity in workplace environments. While serving, veterans learn how to work in highly functional groups, regardless of differences, teaching them how to communicate effectively with coworkers in an office setting. These skills parallel those possessed by effective call center agents, managers, and leaders.

Partnering with a veteran-owned BPO means access to world class agents, but it’s also an opportunity for your company to support the men and women who served our country. These call centers are more likely to hire fellow veterans, providing a welcoming, supportive work environment for both retired and disabled veterans. Contracting VOSB and SDVOSB businesses can be one of the best ways to ensure our veterans can continue to thrive after they are discharged from the military.

A Great Option for Set Aside Requirements

The US government “sets aside” a certain number of opportunities each year to help level the playing field between big businesses and smaller organizations that deserve a leg up. These contracts limit the competition, only allowing bids by these smaller companies and their partners, placing importance on minority and veteran-owned businesses. Partnering with a VOSB or SDVOSB call center can make your organization eligible for these federal contracts.

If you’re having a hard time deciding between a VOSB or SDVOSB partner, you may want to keep in mind that service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses tend to be more highly regarded by the federal government. The US government has a history of aiming to award contracts to SDVOSBs specifically.

Partner with a Veteran-Owned Call Center Today

If your company is looking for an amazing customer service partner that also creates eligibility for set-aside contracts, a veteran-owned BPO may be the right choice for you. Outsource Consultants can pair you with one of our many pre-vetted call center options. Start the search today by requesting your no-obligation call center cost proposal.