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Onshore Call Center Hiring Binge

NearShore Americas recently reported ObamaCare Gives Birth to Onshore Call Center Hiring Binge.

Thanks to President Obama’s healthcare law, the call center industry in the United States is going on a hiring binge. A large number of companies are hunting for customer care agents and thousands of positions are still vacant across the nation, says the call center job board CallCenterCrossing.

A search on its site turns up as many as 22,965 call center jobs in the world’s biggest economy. Of these, 9,839 opportunities were created as recently as this week. Upcoming holiday season and economic expansions are also driving job growth, says the report, adding that several companies are beefing up their customer care services as part of their preparation to expand their business.

ObamaCare has led health insurers and government agencies to recruit more call center representatives, because they have to answer questions from millions of American residents signing up through health care exchanges.

Harrison Barnes, Chief Executive Officer of Employment Research Institute, the parent company of CallCenterCrossing, says that this is a big boost for the American job market. “Taking up a call-center sales representative or service agent position can actually be a great stepping-stone toward higher-level sales and service positions.”

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