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Nearshore Outsourcing Spotlight: Colombia

Nearshore Outsourcing Spotlight: ColombiaSelecting a call center partner is a time-consuming effort where real business consequences are at stake. Businesses must consider best-fit call center options to tackle high costs, employee attrition and poor customer service that can plague traditional contact operations.

Nearshore outsourcing has historically been a successful option, often exceeding expectations and allowing call center operators to reduce costs, employ a stable agent pool and ensure exceptional customer service.

But not all nearshore locations are the same, as many emerging markets in Latin America now offer a golden opportunity for savvy businesses. Colombia has become a leading location for businesses considering nearshore locations, with World Bank Report rating the country a top business destination in the region.

Colombia Nearshore Outsourcing on the Rise

El Dorado, the mythic city of gold, sought throughout Colombia during the Age of Discovery, attracted legions of explorers hoping to secure an unimaginable fortune.

While the golden empire of that lost city remains hidden, Colombia itself has quietly become a nearshore destination with riches to bear.

“Colombia is the country with the brightest future. It is the most promising country in Latin America. Colombia’s possibilities for success are really high,” says Ruchi Sharma, Head of Emerging Markets at Morgan Stanley.

With deep and long-standing ties to the United States, Colombia boasts a workforce with very strong English-speaking skills ready to tackle call center operations. Colombia’s workers are highly-trained call center professionals that drive high productivity and overall customer satisfaction.

Colombia’s living costs are on-par with Asian-Pacific locations, and it offers all the typical benefits of nearshore outsourcing which include U.S. proximity, English proficiency and local time zones.

Selecting the Right Colombian Nearshore Partner

To capitalize on the business benefits of a nearshore call center, organizations must typically spend time and money painstakingly researching options, visiting sites and overcoming logistical hurdles.

What’s more, to identify the right call center partner in an exact location is even harder. Luckily, Outsource Consultants works directly with several Colombian call center partners with a proven history of driving exceptional results.

Our USA and global outsource partners currently service top-tier Fortune 100 companies, hypergrowth unicorns, global IT firms, Top 25 retailers, and  Top 10 U.S. banks. Colombia call centers consistently lead in CSAT, quality scores and agent productivity performance, not only in Latin America but worldwide in champion challenger environments.

In a third-party study focused on Top 50 retailers, one of our Colombian partner locations ranked #1 with a 99.15% customer satisfaction, outperforming domestic locations in Dallas, San Antonio and Milwaukee.

A Hot Location for your Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing is in Colombia  

With locations in Medellin, Bogota, Bucaramanga and Cali, our partners are located in some of the largest Latin American city centers, all featuring:  

  • U.S. Eastern Time zone.
  • Close proximity to the capital city of Bogota for easy direct flight access.
  • Large & efficient transportation system.
  • Highly-educated populations.
  • Located near dozens of universities, colleges & technical schools.
  • Strong English-speaking demographics.
  • Highly-educated labor pool; low labor cost.

Our partner contact centers offer a state-of-the-art work environment that empowers agents to deliver the best customer and client experience.

With the latest security technologies in-house, our call center partners safeguard customer data in compliance with all industry regulations, including PCI 3.22 DSS, SOC 2 and HIPAA.

If you’re in the market for a nearshore partner to offer greater cost savings and efficiency, consider working with an advisor that has direct experience with leading regional vendors that can offer expert consultation across these services:


On your path to gold and riches, you can’t waste time and money seeking a fictional El Dorado.  Trust the process to a worldwide call center advisor that is 100% focused on finding nearshore hidden gems and real Colombian city of gold.

Let us analyze your needs and initiate contact with outsource call centers that perfectly match your specific program and campaign requirements.

Because we offer our services at NO CHARGE, you can tap our expertise and worldwide (USA, nearshore and offshore) call center connections to reduce your risk, minimize your costs, maximize your time, and help ensure optimal success.