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Moving to a Cloud Based Call Center is Easy

Cloud based software is no longer up and coming – it’s here. Changing how you operate your business can be a scary step. An article by ChainSolutions reassures you it doesn’t have to be and that it’s, in fact, easy in the summary below:

Many Businesses are Trying to Reduce Costs & Improve Performance

In most cases improvement is linked to a high cost. But since we have cloud based solutions, we can provide a better alternative to traditional call centers.

Cloud Based Call Centers Are Not Only Efficient & Flexible, But Also A Very Low Cost

Cloud based call centers can save up to 50% of your current spending over your traditional contact center in 5 years time. One very important feature of your cloud based call center is – You use it when you need it. When you have a campaign, inbound or outbound, you use it.

Your agents can work from home, as long as they have reliable Internet connection. Cloud based call centers doesn’t mean poor agent monitoring. With the cloud based solutions and interface, you will get valuable metrics of each call made, call duration, agent performance, best practices, etc.

Using a cloud based call center will allow you to implement best practices, improve your customer service operations, and give valuable advice to your agents for better performance. Cloud based call center solutions are so flexible and reliable, as well as technologically advanced, that you don’t have to be present during the campaign. You can sit on the beach and monitor the whole campaign.

With a cloud based call center you can compete with the “big guys”. You don’t work 8 hours shifts anymore, now you’re available 24/7. Your business can work with any company around the globe and your agents can be anywhere as well. You can hire people as needed for each campaign, using cloud based software at a lower cost than traditional hardware. The most important thing is to make yourself available at any time to your potential customers and provide them with the best of the available services, that your competitors can’t.

Research Shows Companies that Use Cloud Based Call Centers Can Get up to 80% First Call Resolution

Some businesses say that security with the cloud based call centers is an issue, but there are solutions for proper collecting the data, agent access, and termination.

In conclusion cloud based call centers are the future and as soon as the businesses realize that this is what they need, sooner they will become leaders in their industry.


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