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How Predictive Analytics Can Improve The Customer Experience

With the growing significance on delivering awesome customer service, it’s important now more than ever to reduce negative customer experiences. One thing that annoys many customers is to have to call companies for issues that the company should have resolved on their own. An example of this appears in a recent article by Bob Thompson, where he discusses customers having to call a cable company asking why the internet isn’t working when the company has monitoring capabilities and should take care of the problem before a customer calls. Another example Thompson gives is a customer having to contact a mobile phone company to ask why they’re sending them service upgrade offers for a phone they don’t have. These examples of unnecessary customer calls demonstrate the necessity for predictive customer service, and Thompson’s article goes on to explain this concept further.

Many top companies are using predictive analytics in order to enhance the customer experience. Within the next couple years, predictive analytics and predictive service are expected to grow substantially due to benefits like increased customer loyalty and improved upselling and cross-selling tactics. While it takes careful analysis and proper coordination of the right people, technology, and strategies, predictive analytics and predictive service are steadily growing in marketing, sales, and product/customer support. So, how can predictive analytics improve the customer experience and how can you make a case for using them? 

We are currently in a time where customers expect fast, easy, and personalized service and they expect their experience with your company to be consistent and reliable. Thompson’s article says that customers can receive service tailored to their needs by using routing and offers/rewards based on predictive analytics. Essentially, if a customer has called your company before and the data captures the factors that made it a positive experience with the call center agent, the customer can be routed to that same agent, or an agent in the same area of expertise, the next time they call in order to assure consistent levels of service. 

One of the hardest things to do with ideas for new strategies and programs is gaining approval from executives and stakeholders. You can lay out everything your company will need to implement a new system or strategy and tell them how providing new benefits for your customers could increase sales, but ultimately you need to be able to show them how it will impact the bottom line and provide a return on investment. Thompson’s article provides a detailed chart of how contact center analytics can show ROI through cost reductions in live support and overall reductions in agent turnover. 

Improving the customer experience is a goal on the minds of many business leaders, and utilizing predictive analytics can be a great way to accomplish that goal. By using data from existing customer service cases, companies can begin customized service to reduce the amount of unnecessary customer support calls. If a company can reduce or completely remove negative customer experiences, they’ll begin seeing a boost in customer loyalty and their bottom line.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

The Rise of Predictive Service Experiences. Because “You, you, you oughta know!” – Bob Thompson

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