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Follow-Up With All Customer Feedback, Not Just the Negative Feedback

In a recent article, Luke Williams examines the following concepts to help companies improve their customer experience:

  1. Digital Feedback and Measurement
  2. Finding Key Drivers and Root Causes
  3. Role-Specific Management
  4. Closing the Loop with Everyone
  5. Operational Integration

Follow-Up With All Customer Feedback, Not Just the Negative Feedback

The emphasis on customer experience often seems to be about preventing issues and solving negative feedback. This is for good reason, as it’s very easy for complaints and negative public relations to cause serious damage to companies given the strength of social media is these days. However, it’s important that you do more than appease the customers who give negative feedback. As Williams’ article points out, you want to close the loop on your positive customers as well!

With all of the CRM automation technology available, the reality is that companies can easily follow-up with customers who don’t complain or provide positive feedback about their experiences. So, why don’t companies always follow-up with satisfied customers? The answer is that it’s very easy to forget about people if they don’t rock the boat.

Companies assume that because they don’t hear anything negative from customers, it must be a good sign that you’re doing something right and the customers will keep coming back no matter what. The issue with this approach is that if you don’t give any indication that you care about your customers, they won’t feel compelled to have any loyalty toward your company. In addition, just because a customer doesn’t contact your company, that doesn’t mean they’re satisfied.

By following up with all of your customers, you’ll show them that you care and they’ll be more likely to keep that in mind as a differentiator if your competition has similar pricing or product/service quality. Keeping up with your quiet and seemingly satisfied customers can be just as beneficial to your strategy development and can lead to great program ideas.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the following link: 5 Components of a Great Customer Experience Program – Luke Williams

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