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Fast Response Times Don’t Always Equal High Quality Customer Service


Many companies view agent response time as the most important metric to track in their contact center. In theory, it makes sense to put emphasis on response time because the faster the customer receives help, the happier they’ll be. However, a recent article by Benny Tjia points out that faster customer service doesn’t always equal high-quality customer service. While your customers may want fast service, they also want the customer experience to be satisfying. It’s important to do more than just track response time; you have to pay attention to the agent’s service quality. In the long run, demanding the fastest response time can put a heavy burden on the contact center agents, which can break down their service quality and impact.

Tjia says that companies can’t be perfect in delivering performance metrics; you can promise your customers that there are realistic expectations your company will always meet. The company’s role is to figure out what the expectations are and set your customer service goals and metrics accordingly. With these goals and expectations clearly defined, it’s much easier to measure how good your customer service really is and how effective the strategy can be. Having fast response times is certainly a great goal to have, but it shouldn’t be the primary goal for determining the effectiveness of your customer service. 

This blog post was based on a CustomerThink article. To read the original article, please click the link below: 

Is Faster Response Time Always Better? – Benny Tjia

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