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Customer Service to the Clouds

The term “cloud technology” has been tossed around for quite sometime now. Most are aware of the benefits, but in case you aren’t, GulfNews wrote an article recently on the customer service benefits of cloud technology in the retail industry. Below is a summary of that article.

Cloud Technology has the Potential to Reduce IT Cost for Retailers While Optimizing Customer Service

Cloud computing has ushered in a new era for business. The ability to store business data in the cyberspace with access on the go, anytime and anywhere definitely takes a business to new frontiers.

The retail industry was among the first adopters of cloud computing, driven by the urgent need to engage with consumers in real-time communications and ensure their loyalty.

No doubt, the concept of the consumer has evolved. Today’s consumers are sophisticated and technology-driven; they use mobile phones to make purchases online without restrictions of time or space. They would expect retailers to keep pace with their sophistication by providing digital customer service and quick response to their requests or complaints. Retailers just cannot ignore these changes and need to also adapt their customer service to be digital and in real-time.

Better Positioned

Retailers who operate in the cloud will be better positioned to win the digital customer service challenge by being able to engage with customers instantly. This entails that retailers should train their salespersons on digital customer service.

Cloud computing is also critical for retailers to track consumers’ behavior in order to sustain their loyalty, stay competitive and boost sales. This implies that retailers will have to handle huge volumes of data of millions of customers, which should be streamlined and analyzed to help retailers understand consumer trends and expectations.

Key Role

Cloud computing plays a key role here as it helps retailers meet these challenges through cloud-based apps that can analyze all sorts of data about consumer behavior and buying habits. The analytic data generated help retailers design customer-oriented campaigns that can potentially increase sales.

Obviously, cloud technology has the potential to reduce IT cost for retailers while optimizing their customer service. Also, the time saved by cloud computing can be used by retailers to focus on being more innovative in their overall services and consumer campaigns.


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