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Creating a Contact Center Environment that Makes Customers Happy on their First Call

Creating a Contact Center Environment that Makes Customers Happy on their First CallA recent article by Bill Price gives the viewpoint that first contact resolution (FCR) can be the most important contact center metric that drives customer satisfaction. However, it’s often a faulty metric with how contact centers track and report it as a one-size-fits-all piece of data.

Price says that FCR needs to be defined for each customer service channel and the analytics need to be collected based on agent interactions and the specific nature of the issues themselves. Based on this information, contact centers can improve their customer experience and implement successful predictive models and improve FCR.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the article, please click here!

Creating a Contact Center Environment that Makes Customers Happy on their First Call

If part of your goal for outsourcing your call center services is to reduce costs, you’ll want to make sure your customer inquiries are resolved on the first call as often as possible. The more repeat calls you get, the more money you spend and the higher your potential for losing customers.

In order to keep customer issues resolved on fewer calls, it’s important to hire the right people who are great problem solvers and eager to listen and help others. In addition, ensure the call center provides the agents with a robust CRM to assist them with all the information they need throughout the course of a call to solve the customers question quickly.

The right agents make a big difference when it comes to the customer experience. People need to fit your company culture and be equipped with intangible skills, such as empathy. If your agents can relate to the customers on a personal level and genuinely care during calls, they’ll be more successful in resolving the customers’ issues.

However, no matter how skilled a person is by nature, it’s on your company to provide high-level training and nurturing. This means using training modules that use real-life examples and practical lessons to make the education seem natural.

In addition, it’s important to show your agents that you appreciate them by acknowledging them for accomplishments and letting them know you have their back. Gamification and incentive programs can help build a fun work environment for call center agents that makes them want to show up for work every day.

A key component in keeping up with the demands of modern customer service is having the right technology to provide as many service channels as possible and also create a personalized customer experience. But having technology doesn’t mean anything if the company isn’t set up properly to use it. Always make sure you have employees who are up-to-date on the latest technologies, provide the proper training and implementation methods, and never stop seeking ways to improve.

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