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Canadian Call Centers: Top Tier Customer Service At 25% Lower Rates

We’ve been promoting nearshore call center locations for outsourcing a lot in the past few months, and for good reason. The close proximity to the United States, language capabilities, and cost reductions of up to 50% make countries in Latin America prime for call center outsourcing. However, there is one call center outsourcing location that sometimes flies under the radar; Canada. While call centers in Canada may not provide as much cost reduction as nearshore and offshore locations, they can still reduce costs substantially while providing customer service comparable to in-house American call centers.

Corey Kotlarz, the president of Outsource Consultants, recently visited a call center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was impressed with the overall experience. The call center agents were highly skilled workers with strong work ethics and provided an experience with virtually no cultural or language barrier to US customers. The reason for the rapport between Canadian call center agents and American customers is that Toronto is very similar to big cities in America in terms of culture, experiences, and organization. Not only can these center agents provide high quality English-speaking service, but they could also provide multilingual support since Canada has many speakers of Brazilian, French, English, and Portuguese.

The beauty of the current outsourcing landscape is that call centers in Canada offer exceptional customer experience with an extreme value due to the Canadian exchange rate. By outsourcing with Canadian call centers, companies can get top tier customer service at rates 25% lower than in the USA. This combination of lower rates, multilingual capabilities, strong rapport with US customers, and extremely close proximity to the United States makes Canada a strong outsourcing destination of choice. If you’re considering outsourcing and would like stellar experience at reduced costs, let us know if we can assist you in finding the best partner for your company.

Let our outsourcing experts help you find a top performing and high quality Canadian call center — at no cost.

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