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Call Centers: What To Look For

Is your company looking for a call center service? Some services offer more than others, so it pays to do some research beforehand so that you find the right one for your business the first time. Xact Telesolutions recently posted an article about what to look for in a call center. Below is a summary of that article:

Here Are 4 of the Most Important Things to Look for in A Call Center:

1. State-of-the-Art Technology

Phone management technology has come a long way in the past few decades, but not every call center service is up to date. Ask about the technology the service uses and how recent it is. Newer technology has many benefits: staff can instantly pull up customer records, information can be transferred along with a call, and calls are never dropped. All of these benefits translate to better service and more satisfied customers.

2. Flexibility In Call Volume

Call volume may rise on predictable seasonal patterns or it may spike unexpectedly due to a news story, a sale, or new product that is more successful than expected. In any case, your call center service needs to be able to handle increases in call volume fluidly. Make sure to ask how sudden increases in volume are handled, what customers hear while they are waiting for a representative, and how long it takes to pull more call staff onto your company’s call center service plan.

3. Short and Long Term Options

Many companies only need services during certain peak seasons or operations; others may want basic service long-term, but then discover that they have uses for specialized services based around specific projects or promotions. Your call center provider should be able to offer you flexible short-term plans.

4. Collateral Services

A good call center is no longer just about answering phones – it needs to offer a robust package of related services where appropriate. For example, your business could benefit massively from offering instant web chat to customers in addition to a phone number. Similarly, call centers should be able to manage incoming customer e-mails from contact forms, sorting them and replying appropriately to each message. And outgoing call services for marketing or promotions continue to see a strong ROI.


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