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Call Center Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

If your business is growing and experiencing increased call volume, you may find that dedicating more resources to answering the phone has an adverse effect on your operation. Although the phone ringing is often a positive sign, too many calls can cause problems. When that happens and you begin looking for ways to manage the volume, call center outsourcing may be a viable solution. CMS recently posted an article describing how outsourcing can help your business. A summary of that article is below:

Outsourcing Doesn’t Mean Sending Calls Overseas

Many business owners will immediately scoff at the idea of outsourcing a portion of their call volume. This is generally due to outsourcing being depicted as a solution that sends jobs overseas. While offshore outsourcing is certainly a viable option, a lot of outsourcing happens right here in the United States.

Call Center Outsourcing Basics and Terminology

The basic idea behind call center outsourcing is that your company contracts with another company to take calls on your behalf. Instead of all those calls reaching your office, the call center answers instead.

There are a few different terms used for companies that provide communication outsourcing services, including call centers, contact centers, and answering services.

Call centers are typically bigger, more advanced operations that focus on call taking. Contact centers are similar to call centers, only they handle multiple channels of communication such as email, live chat, and social media. Answering services are often smaller and provide more simplistic services such as message taking and dispatching.

Thanks to advances in technology, many call center companies offer both basic answering services and complex custom solutions. A large number of call centers provide solutions that are 100% personalized to the needs of each customer.

Making it Work for Your Business

Handing off your calls to a call center is far easier than you think. Call centers work with you to design a custom call center account that mirrors your internal operation, supports a specific process, or supplements a portion of your business. If there’s already an established process for handling appointment scheduling, the call center would evaluate the software being utilized and try to integrate it into their workflow. Sometimes the call center is a distinct operation, taking calls for something the office doesn’t handle. A call center could function as the after-hours emergency dispatching center or the e-commerce order support hotline.

Easily Extend Your Call Taking Capabilities

The above examples illustrate the core objective of any call center outsourcing relationship, which is to implement a solution that functions as an extension of your business.

Just like that, you have freed up time to refocus your resources without sacrificing customer service or losing potential business. You can finally relax and reap the benefits of all those calls.


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