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Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

Airports always provide numerous sources of frustration. Something always goes wrong and there is always something that gets on your nerves. Yet, we suck it up, grit our teeth, and continue on because there is no way to avoid it. From the moment you walk into the airport, to the time you exit the airport at your destination, you are stuck in a never-ending series of lines. We all know these struggles, and it’s even more frustrating when it seems that there are a thousand simple ways for the airlines and TSA to expedite the process of commercial flying. Being placed on hold when calling into a business is no different. The excruciating feeling that comes from waiting in line is still present. Giving your business the power to control your call queuing experience can provide a completely different voice for your business. Get your callers out of line and talking to your representatives faster with a virtual call center. Business 2 Community recently wrote an article on the benefits of using a virtual call center. A summary of that article is below:

Shorten Your Lines

Shorten your hold times for without having to increase your staff by implementing a virtual call center. With a virtual call center, you can have your agents answering calls wherever they go. Routing your calls based on your business needs means that when an agent gets a call, that caller is already talking to the right person. This means no more time wasted on rerouting calls. Add an IVR to this, and you can have an automated survey direct the caller to the best possible agent. With IVR you can also provide self-service functionality, freeing up agents for more important inquiries. These features all make it possible for your agents to answer more calls and handle them as efficiently as possible, clearing up your phone lines for more customers.

Change Your On-Hold Experience

The ability to control your call queuing experience lets you make the caller experience a lot less dreary. Having control over the music or promotional messages they hear, the maximum time they will have to spend waiting, and the number of callers in your queue you can make the experience a lot more satisfying for the caller.

Caller Information at Your Fingertips

Have you ever called into a support line and provided information to an automated system, only to have the service representative ask you to identify yourself again? This is always frustrating, but it’s easily prevented. By integrating with CRM and help desk systems like Salesforce and Zendesk, you can provide your agents with a wealth of information about the caller. For new sales leads, every call will get logged into your CRM with information on who they are, where they are calling from, and what marketing source led to the call. For support calls, information on the caller will be instantly available and a new ticket can be created from the call. For any existing contact, their information will be instantly available, and details from the call will be logged automatically.

Skip the Line

TSA has a new offering called Pre-check that allows you to skip the gargantuan security line and expedite your security check. You can do the same thing for your VIP customers with priority call queuing. This will send your most important clients to the front of the line so they can get assistance immediately. You can also provide your callers with the option to request a callback and exit your on-hold queue without losing their place in line. They will be called back automatically when they reach the front of your queue.

Take Your Call Center Out of the Past

Waiting in line is something we all have to do on occasion. During times like traveling or waiting to ride your favorite roller coaster, we accept the line as something we have to deal with. That is not always the case when waiting in line on the phone. Our benchmarking analysis indicates that 15% of callers tend to hang up right around 40 seconds. If you take too long to answer your phones, you may be losing out on business.

Looking for a virtual call center? We can help!

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