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A Quick Look At Omni-Channel Contact Center Strategy

Customer experience shouldn’t limited to emails and phone calls; it should be spread across every imaginable channel including social media, live chat, knowledge bases, texting, and more! In her recent article, Verena Wissel discusses the evolving world of omni-channel contact centers. She points out that consistency of service is crucial to customer experience success and in order for companies to effectively implement an omni-channel approach, it must be done while keeping in mind the necessity of quality monitoring processes, re-organization, and the expectation of technical adjustments.

When it comes to quality monitoring, an omni-channel contact center needs to track every utilized customer service channel. The monitoring software must automatically adapt based upon the agents’ task history so that it can present appropriate ratings accordingly. In order to properly monitor and decipher customer satisfaction metrics, Wissel points out that customer interactions must be tracked in series instead of separately in order in order to gain a clear understanding of the customer journey in an effort to create as seamless of a customer experience as possible. In addition, customer interactions should be monitored after they have ended to ensure processes are fluid and customers are experience a seamless journey.

Once a contact center has set up the proper organization and monitoring processes, the customer interactions will create data; a lot of data. The more customer service channels a company has, the more data from customer interactions there will be, and Wissel says that evaluating the data requires technology that finds solutions for both speech and text interactions. The technology can focus on determined keywords and phrases to help filter interactions and evaluate and categorize them accordingly.

This blog post is based on an article from ICMI. To read the original article, please click below:

The Omnichannel Approach – Verena Wissel

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