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7 Ways To Use The Internet To Boost Your Brand

Your brand has an amazing product or service that could benefit many people, so that’s all you need to be successful, right? According to a recent article by Hassan Mansoor, you’ll be needing a little more than just your offering. Brands need loyal customers to be successful and gaining loyal customers often depends on how well your customer service meets and exceeds their expectations. With nearly three quarters of the research prior to purchase being done by customers online, it’s important that companies are able to utilize the internet to their advantage. Mansoor’s article gives the following seven key tactics to influence online customers’ thinking.

1) Use Social Media as an Engagement Tool: Mansoor’s article tells us that of the 7.3 billion people in the world, 31.5% of them utilize social media in some way. If billions of people use social media in their day-to-day lives, it’s easy to see the significance in companies having social media presence. Social media offers companies the opportunity to connect instantly with their customers in a more casual way and get direct feedback that could be instrumental in bettering your brand. Social media can also enable your brand to protect its image by offering assistance to people who are seeking resolution on complaints and issues.

2) Free Trial Products: Humans are curious and like to know as much as possible before making financial decisions. To that end, offering free trial products/services online works in your favor by allowing people to test your product or services and, if your product or service is as good as you tout it to be, they’ll be more than likely to buy it. Free trials aren’t a waste of time and money, they show you who your real customers are.

3) Consumers are Hungry for Information: Customers like to know as much as possible about a brand and its products and services before they make a purchase. Feed this hunger by providing them with easily accessible content such as videos, infographics, blogs/articles, and more.

4) Empowered Customers: Traditional marketing tactics to push customers into viewing their content and products may still be effective, but customers are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining purchases. With the wealth of information at consumers’ finger tips online, marketing now must be more focused on gaining respect and encouraging word-of-mouth sponsorship as opposed to simply telling customers how great their brand is.

5) Cognitive Fluency: Don’t muddle your marketing content with a bunch of jargon and details your audience doesn’t understand or care to know. Mansoor says that the easier it is to understand your product or service, the more likely people will be to buy it. Your website, social media pages, and any online presence should be written clearly in easy to understand language.

6) Customer Reviews Matter: According to the article, “57% of online consumers said they relied on online reviews before purchasing consumer electronics, while 40% of online shoppers said that they would never purchase any electronics without reading the reviews first.” This information pretty much speaks for itself. If you want people to buy your product or service online, you have to have positive reviews.

7) Customer Support and Prompt Response: Help your customers as soon as possible. Social media and live chat can be vital resources in this strategy. Customers don’t like to wait very long to receive service, so providing them with prompt and reliable responses to their inquiries will help boost your customer loyalty.

This blog post was based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

7 Key Tactics to Influence Online Customers Thinking – Hassan Mansoor

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