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5 Ways IVR Technology Can Enhance Customer Call-In Experiences

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software can enhance the customer experience on the phone, as discussed in a recent Connect First white paper.

A summary of that white paper is below:


How much time does it take from initial dial-in to your contact center before a customer’s problem is resolved? If you cringe at the thought of answering this question, it’s time to reconsider your company’s customer service strategy. A study from Forrester shows that 71% of customers feel that valuing their time is the most critical thing a company can do to provide great customer service. Recent advances in IVR software make automated self-service technology one of the most important offerings you can provide to consumers.

5 Ways IVR Technology Can Enhance Customer Call-In Experiences:

1. Mobile Components:

IVR used to be purely audio-based. But now, IVR is evolving to accommodate the mobile generation. Consider investing in a solution that will give your customers the choice to swipe their finger over an interactive menu instead of answering voice commands.

2. Voice Recognition:

Security components are one of the biggest reasons customers get stuck on IVR systems. Lost passwords, incorrect PIN numbers, and invalid security questions can frustrate users. Consider employing a voice print to automatically register a customer using biometric identity verification.

3. Analytics:

If 5,000 customers all experience the same problem while using your IVR over the course of a month, you need to know about it. Invest in a solution that will provide granular details of call interactions so you can stay on top of issues as they arise.

4. Simplified Development:

In the past, changing an IVR list was a difficult process. For this reason, many executives wouldn’t bother to make important changes when needed. These days easy to use, drag and drop systems can be run right over a web browser, allowing you to create your own IVR system and edit it as needed.

5. Multichannel Outbound IVR:

Instead of waiting for customers to call with a question or concern, many companies are now taking IVR to the social media world. These multichannel inbound and outbound engagement strategies make it possible to interact with customers over a variety of different channels.


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