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5 Ways Customer Experience Leaders Can Effectively Communicate Their Strategies

People learn and retain information differently, be it through listening, watching, or doing. It’s important to keep this understanding in mind when you’re trying to communicate business strategies and goals to co-workers, managers, and stakeholders so everyone properly absorbs the information. This is especially true for customer experience leaders, according to a recent article by Krista Sheridan. Employees are extremely busy in companies of all sizes, but communicating information is especially difficult for large companies that have hundreds or even thousands of employees. If a customer experience leader wants to have the buy-in of everyone at the company for the customer experience program, they need to take special care to deliver important information in multiple different formats to ensure the message is suited for a variety of unique communication styles. Sheridan’s article offers the following five ways customer experience leaders can effectively communicate their strategy.

1) Start with communicating the “why”: In order to make a connection with people when communicating what you’re doing, you need to make it clear why you’re doing it. “Just because” isn’t going to get anyone’s attention, so give compelling reasons for your plans that people have a reason to show enthusiasm.

2) Clearly communicate the business priority: Whatever your company’s main goals are, make sure you always demonstrate how your customer experience program goals affect the corporate goal. The program should benefit the entire company, not just one department.

3) Communicate often: Staying on top of mind can benefit a major project. Send out consistent updates on the progress of the customer experience program and how it’s already creating positive results. This keeps people aware and interested.

4) Communicate visually: Sheridan recommends having posters and intranet/CRM publications available so that everyone within the company can see updates and accomplishments of the program. Some people need to see to retain information and make a connection, so having visual reminders can be a great communication aid.

5) Face to face communication: Technology such as live chat and email have made it easy to quickly communicate various pieces of information, but there are times when nothing can beat the value of traditional face to face conversation. Whether it’s through one-on-one discussions or large group gatherings, bringing important information to people in-person helps drive home your points while also helping to build a stronger team environment.

Each of these five communication strategies have their time and place, but all should be seriously considered for customer experience leaders and professionals in general. There are plenty of examples of projects that had poor communication that led to unsuccessful or delayed program launches because people at the company simply didn’t retain or care about them. If you use these five techniques and take a multi-communication approach with your customer experience project, you’ll be able to get full buy-in and support from the company.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

5 Ways to Rally Support for Your CX Vision. Hint: Start with “Why” – Krista Sheridan

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