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4 Ways Call Centers Help Healthcare Providers Deliver Superior Care

Customer experience is valuable in most, if not all, industries. Often, the quality of customer experience in the call center is critical in fostering customer loyalty and maintaining a steady revenue. However, there is one industry where the call center experience is more important than customer loyalty and revenue; the healthcare industry. Customer experience in the healthcare industry is about ensuring accurate and sensitive information is given to patients in an empathetic and caring way while maintaining high standards and compliance. In his recent article, Fred Chua gives four ways call center services can help healthcare providers deliver superior care to patients.

1) Greater focus resulting in higher efficiency

Dedicated healthcare call centers have the certifications necessary to discuss important information with patients. This helps the healthcare organization assist patients while enabling doctors and nurses to focus on their important duties without taking the time to answer phone calls at all moments of the day.

2) Access to the experts and latest tools

Healthcare organizations of any size can utilize the same call center services, which means having access to the same highly-qualified agents and cutting-edge technology without the in-house expenses.

3) Cost-effective way to deliver excellent service

In addition to reducing costs of technology and capabilities, healthcare call centers allow organizations to serve their patients without the traditional costs of hiring, training (unless you choose to have your own trainer teach the agents), and salaries. Because these call centers are HIPAA and CMS Compliant, the reduced cost does not mean sacrificing service quality.

4) Lower risk and better compliance

Healthcare call centers are focused on maintaining the regulations and standards of the healthcare industry. They maintain their certifications and compliance to stay up-to-date, which can help healthcare organizations lower their risk up staying up to strict standards.

This blog post is based on an article from CustomerThink. To read the original article, please click the link below:

How the Healthcare Industry Can Benefit From Call Center Services – Fred Chua

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